I have been fascinated by Bitcoin and Blockchain tech since 2012. I have watched every twist and turn of the story and I have always loved sharing what I learn with others. This is what compelled me to try and reach a wider audience than my immediate network to share useful and newsworthy content that is objective, non-biased and thorough. That’s why this podcast exists.

The podcast aims to be an antidote to the poor-quality coverage of this industry by mainstream media, the hype and marketing spin of new projects and ICOs and as best possible an objective dissection of what is happening in the space.

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I’ve known Rick for a number of years now and his incessant need to discuss all things Crypto & Blockchain was what lead me to investigate and invest myself. Whilst he makes it very clear that he is not in the business of offering financial advice, Rick has a wonderful method of explaining the technology in the simplest of terms, clearing up what can be a confusing issue for many.

Rick is a wonderful presenter and quickly gets his audience onside. If you need any advice on Crypto or Blockchain, or need a speaker for a public event, he would be my first choice.

Steve Smith – Business Development Director
, Converged Solutions Ltd.

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