Cryptocurrency Trading Addiction with Tony Marini

In this episode of the Crypto Quest Podcast we head over to Castle Craig Hospital in Peeblesshire, Scotland to interview specialist therapist Tony Marini.

Castle Craig is the largest addiction treatment hospital in the UK and since it’s founding in 1988 has treated more than 10,000 patients. The hospital gained some real interest in the crypto community recently when they became the first clinic to announce that they were actively helping people who had become addicted to the heady highs and desperate lows that can come with trading cryptocurrencies.

The clinic is set in a remote and stunning Scottish landscape far removed from modern technology and the distractions of modern life and it’s private clinic is now world renowned for offering some of the most innovative approaches to tackling addiction.

In this interview Tony helps to explain the fundamental challenges addicts face and how easily addictive behaviours will spread from one vice to another. This helps us to understand that cryptocurrency trading addiction is not ‘new’, special or different from any other type of destructive compulsive behaviour but represents a new vice that current addicts can be easily drawn into.

Tony himself will accept that he is not a ‘cryptocurrency expert’ but asserts that this doesn’t matter. His approach to tackling addiction varies little regardless of the focus of a patient’s addiction. He doesn’t think there is anything ‘inherently’ bad about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, in fact he is very open to these new technologies, but he does want to underline that what is a genuine passion for many can be the source of real problems for many more.

The interview with Tony was fascinating. He helps us understand addiction with colourful and candid stories from his own life and leaves us all with some great advice on how to monitor and be objective about our own behaviours in all aspects of our lives. I left the interview with Tony feeling uplifted and more grounded. Whilst I don’t aggressively trade cryptocurrencies I am not immune to the emotions attached to dramatic price swings and I feel Tony’s sage advice can help us all be more mindful of the pitfalls people can fall into.


Website:Castle Craig Addiction Clinic
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