Cryptocurrency Trading Addiction Pt2 – An Addict’s Story

In this episode of the Crypto Quest Podcast we continue our exploration of Cryptocurrency trading addiction. Last episode we spoke to Tony Marini, specialist therapist at the world’s first cryptocurrency addiction clinic, Castle Craig Hospital. If you missed that episode you can catch up here.

For this episode we were lucky enough to get the chance to interview “Mark” a patient at Castle Craig who has suffered with addiction and found himself venturing into the world of cryptocurrency trading. Marks’ story is well worth listening to. A businessman worth north of $100mn, Mark is no stranger to success. He has grown and sold multiple global businesses but for all these successes has continued to struggle with addiction for many years.

Mark gives unique insight into what it means to be an addict. He is open and candid about his prowess as a businessman but also completely accepting and open about his long struggle with various addictions. His story highlights that addiction is an affliction that should not just be associated with unsuccessful people with poor judgement.

Mark tells us his story as multiple addictive traits eventually led him to also “gambling” on Bitcoin prices. Mark wouldn’t necessarily call this a bad experience, after-all, he made significant sums of money. However, for that financial success there were significant costs in other areas of his life.

Thankfully Mark is doing well and it shows in his positivity and openness. His self-awareness is clear throughout this interview, and I for one very much hope this is a sign that whilst he may always consider himself an ‘addict’ he is now the one in control of his ultimate destiny.

A huge thanks to Mark for being so brutally honest in an effort to help others understand the real damage addiction can cause, something he should be applauded for.


Website: Castle Craig Addiction Hospital

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  • Great article, i choose to invest in altcoins too!

  • A really interesting podcast into the unknown world of cryptocurrency addiction. I say unknown as very few people know that this form of trading is actually like gambling and can be very addictive. This may well be the world’s first podcast on cryptocurrency addiction. It also gives insight into addiction and how to treat it. Well worth listening to.

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