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Charities and Social Enterprises can and should be looking at Bitcoin and other digital currencies as a method for receiving private donations and powering funding campaigns. Setting up your charity to accept Bitcoin is easy, fast and enables you to offer better payment options for donors from any jurisdiction in the world. To date an estimated $$ has been donated to charities using Bitcoin and this trend continues to increase. Charities should be taking advantage of this new funding source now.
Beyond raising money and receiving donations charities around the world should be investigating the benefits of using digital currencies as a method for distributing Aid worldwide in a faster, cheaper and more transparent way. By using Bitcoin and blockchain technology charities can ensure more funds reach the people that need them most.

  • Accept Bitcoin & cryptocurrency donations.
  • Manage, Process and record cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Distribution of Worldwide Aid.
  • Reporting & Compliance.
  • Security and Best Practice.

Charities around the world are already seeing the benefits of adopting cryptocurrencies, get in touch and I can share with you some success stories, use cases and practical guidance.

“To date an estimated $$ has been donated to charities using Bitcoin and this trend continues to increase. Charities should be taking advantage of this new funding source now.”

Key Highlights:

Over $100m in BTC donations in 2017.
Pay lower fees on Bitcoin donations.
Accept Bitcoin donations globally.
Easy to Accept, Audit and Report with.
Major charities in the UK already accept it.
Deploy aid globally. Instantly and cheaply.

If your charity or social enterprise is considering accepting Bitcoin donations, then I can ensure you do it safely and securely. Bitcoin sounds technical, but getting set up is quick, easy and painless.
I will show you how to use various services that allow you to accept donations and even convert them into traditional currencies for you. If you’d like to convert some to FIAT and keep some as Bitcoin I can help you with storage and security.

Often when Foreign Aid is needed most it can take us too long to mobilise and too long to transfer funds to the source of the crisis. Cryptocurrencies offer a very real alternative to deploying foreign aid to where it is needed most.
If your charity or social enterprise is involved in deploying funds around the world to those in need then get in touch to see if you could do it more cost effectively and faster with digital currencies.

Charities must be transparent regarding the source of their funds and how these funds are used. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded on an immutable digital ledger which makes reporting less arduous than you might think.
If you’re looking for professional accounting partners who can help you with reporting donations using digital currencies, then I can introduce you to people who can help.

Launching funding campaigns, adopting new technologies and developing new methods of funding are all exciting and great targets to aim for. Unfortunately, this is only half the battle. For people to support your charity they first must have heard about you!
If you want to increase the exposure of your charity, particularly in the online space then I can help you achieve this.



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