An Interview with Dug Campbell from MaidSafe

In this episode of the Crypto Quest podcast we catch up with Dug Campbell, Head of Marketing & Outreach at Maidsafe to talk about their project that is reimagining the very fabric of the internet itself.

MaidSafe has the very ambitious yet very clear aim of building a new and improved version of the internet called the SAFE Network. Their view, held by many others around the world, is that the internet is fundamentally broken. In an increasingly connected world the current internet infrastructure does little to ensure the privacy and data security of it’s users and its design lends itself to the consolidation of huge information power brokers like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

The societal implications this has for the world are becoming clearer each day with evidence suggesting that this wide scale collection and processing of data can unfairly influence elections, compromise our personal privacy and encroach on basic freedoms.

MaidSafe seeks to address these issues directly with the creation of the SAFE Network – the world’s first autonomous and decentralised data network that claims to offer data security and complete privacy to its users by adhering to these principles from the very base level of its design.

In the interview Dug helps us understand the problems and inequalities that the current internet infrastructure causes and talks us through how the systems MaidSafe are developing will mitigate these issues on their own network.

In this episode we explore:

  • The problems current internet infrastructure poses its users.
  • How the SAFE network works.
  • The role that vaults and clients play on the network.
  • The SAFE Browser.
  • Why Blockchain isn’t and can’t be the solution that powers the SAFE Network
  • MAIDSAFE’s consensus algorithm PARSEC.
  • The relationship between MAIDsafecoin, launched in 2014 and SAFEcoin, the currency native to the SAFE Network.
  • The Maidsafe road map and what to expect next.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote Maidsafe and I do not currently own any Maidsafecoin. I undertook this interview as in my opinion MAIDSAFE are developing some extremely interesting technology with a real use case. The team have been working diligently on this since 2006, long before Bitcoin was launched and have not wavered from their course. Definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.



Twitter: @Maidsafe

Dug Campbell

Twitter: @DugCampbell

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Luis Decasas – For exceptional audio production and support. His website: Connect on Twitter: @LuisDecasas

Dug Campbell – For an interesting and open discussion about the Maidsafe project.

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