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I am a passionate technology enthusiast. I have worked with VR and AR, worked in the gaming industry and most recently co-founded and ran my own digital agency. I love tech, particularly tech that solves problems. I now work as a Bitcoin & Blockchain consultant and I do this full time. Want to know more about my background? You can find me on Linkedin.

I won’t pretend I am some sort of Oracle or genius for getting into or discovering Bitcoin early. I’m not. I was fortunate enough to discover it, like a lot of people, by pure chance. I became fascinated with it and learned everything I could. I won’t ever tell you I can predict the future but what I can share is cumulative experience from over 6 years of dedicated personal interest.

I started using Bitcoin back in 2012 when at the time it was more a curiosity than something I took particularly seriously. I was fascinated by it’s audacious claims that it could disrupt global finance and even solve computer science problems that had gone unsolved for decades. The more I read, the more engrossed I became in what to me, is a masterpiece in software engineering, game theory and fundamental economic principles. Regardless of your personal opinion about Bitcoin, what it has achieved in under 10 years is quite remarkable. I think it has certainly now earned the right to be looked at much more seriously.

Since discovering Bitcoin I have followed its journey very closely. I have seen the major hacks at cryptocurrency exchanges (Mt.Gox). I have witnessed multiple Governments over the years ban and unban and investigate and postulate over these new technologies. Watched as Bitcoin was forked and forked and forked again. Witnessed the rise of altcoins, ICOs and most notably, the dreaded scams like Bitconnect and USITech. The pace of this industry is rapid, and the amount of new innovation, news and content is astonishing. Each piece of this story represents an opportunity to learn. Having watched this industry develop and grow, I can share a great many of these lessons with you.

Note: I will NEVER give you investment advice. I provide educational content and resources only. Want to learn about how Bitcoin works? How to use it? Great! Want trading tips? There are plenty of paid groups for that…

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I’ve known Rick for a number of years now and his incessant need to discuss all things Crypto & Blockchain was what lead me to investigate and invest myself. Whilst he makes it very clear that he is not in the business of offering financial advice, Rick has a wonderful method of explaining the technology in the simplest of terms, clearing up what can be a confusing issue for many.

Rick is a wonderful presenter and quickly gets his audience onside. If you need any advice on Crypto or Blockchain, or need a speaker for a public event, he would be my first choice.

Steve Smith – Business Development Director
, Converged Solutions Ltd.

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