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I offer a variety of services to Charities, Corporates and Individual Clients to help them understand Bitcoin & Blockchain technology, the impact it will have and how to take advantage opportunities and avoid pitfalls. If you’re looking for ‘trading tips’, look elsewhere, I want you to invest in growing your knowledge.

Charities can and should be looking to adopt crypto-currencies as a method of receiving worldwide donations at far more competitive fees. I can help your charity start accepting Bitcoin donations via your website quickly, easily and securely. I also help charities explore methods for using cryptocurrencies to deploy aid more quickly around the world. Read More to learn more about how cryptocurrencies are changing the world of philanthropy.

Bitcoin and Blockchain is going to have a profound effect on global commerce that will impact far more industries than just Finance. These decentralised technologies will disrupt the way people transfer value around the world and will change how they interact with your business. I have a lot of experience in helping businesses understand this technology, it’s opportunities and threats with hands on, practical and meaningful talks and workshops.

I’m not here to offer you financial advice, buy or sell signals or ‘hot tips’. I’m here to help you with practical guidance. I can help you understand how and where to acquire digital currencies, how to store them securely, how to transact with them and how to properly protect yourself from theft and loss. There are far too many stories of people being separated from their currencies, I am here to help you avoid those pitfalls and develop a better understanding.


An experienced public speaker I have delivered talks focussing on Bitcoin and Blockchain to the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Institute of Directors (IOD), The Centre for Engineering Education & Development (CEED) and a variety of Private Investment firms and Accountancy Practices. I do charge a fee for my time and expenses, preferential rates apply for non-profits and social enterprises.



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